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Azur Lane: The Best Way To Level Up Your Ships In The Game

Azur Lane Ships


To better succeed in Azur Lane, you will need to have powerful ships to use. And the best way to strengthen them is to level them up. By leveling up your ships, you not only increase their stats, but you are also able to max their skills, making it stronger in the process. But when it comes to leveling up, there should be a proper balance between focusing on just a few ships and trying to level up all your ships.

Focusing on just a few ships might be okay in the beginning, but you will have a problem as you progress further since certain missions will be easier if certain ships are used. Similarly, trying to level up all of them will be a problem since you won’t have ships with high levels or maxed out skills. So a good balance between focusing on several ships and trying to level all of them is a good tactic. With that said, what is the best way to level up your ship? Let’s discuss it in this article.

5 Best Ways to Level Up Your Ship in Azur Lane



1. Make Use of the Dorm

The Dorm is one of the best ways to level up your ships since they gain experience just by being there. The beauty of this method is that you don’t even have to do anything, except to make sure that there are enough supplies for all ships in the dorm. They will automatically gain experience while in the Dorm, so make use of that.

2. Commission Missions & Daily Ops

Another good way to earn experience points for your ships is by sending them to complete Commission Missions. They are missions that your ships will do automatically. You can earn wisdom box, oil, gold, and XP. Each available mission will require a set number of hours to complete, from 1 hour up to 8 hours.

The longer the duration, the more XP your ships will earn. You just have to make sure that the ships you will assign are qualified for the Commission Mission. Daily Ops are similar to Commission Missions, but their duration will start at 5 hours all the way up to 8. They are also time-limited missions, which means you need to do them within a specific time frame or they will disappear.

3. Use 3 Ships for Farming an Area

This method would require that you already have upgraded ships to use, as well as being able to auto-battle areas. Doing this guarantees that 2 ships will have at 1.5 – 2 times bonus experience for completing the mission, because of the MVP bonus and being a flagship. To make this work, one ship must be at least level 50 and is strong enough to carry the other 2, while the 2 ships are the ones you want to level up. If the ship you want to level up is also in a good mood, which is achieved by being in the Dorm, then that’s another 1.2 times experience bonus.

Azur Lane Main Story


4. Azur Lane: Play the Main Story

When it comes to missions, the Main Story is still the best way to gain experience points for your ships. So make sure that most of your oil is spent on completing missions on the Main Story. The great thing about this is that you can always repeat a mission to gain more XP, so they’re the best stage for farming for XP.

5. Don’t Farm XP on Lower Level Stages

It is important that you try to farm for experience on higher-level stages, like Chapter 3 and above. This is because you’ll be wasting oil by trying to farm low-level stages. If you want to increase the experience of ships that are still at level 1, put them in the Dorm instead. The ideal stage for leveling up is Stage 3-4 of Chapter 3, also because of the ships that it will drop.