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Azur Lane Celebrates February 2021 With Multiple Events

Video game publisher Yostar Limited and  developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi unloaded tons of content in Azur Lane. It seems that both publisher and developers are making up for 2020. The recently unleashed updates for February 2021 is bursting with content.

If you are a longtime fan of Azur Lane who has been longing for new events, items, and activities in the game, then this is the time to jump back into the game. Suppose you happen to miss these game updates and are unaware of the events in February 2021.

In that case, you are in luck as we have compiled the essential details of the events that took place in the month, as mentioned above. With that said, feel free to browse through the patch notes and overview of the game’s first major events of 2021.

Azur Lane February 4, 2021 Patch Notes

The February 4, 2021 update kicked off the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, and just like the celebration itself, the update was exploding with contents and activities. Do note that the Chinese Lunar New Year event is different from the New Year Food Festival in January of the same year. Check out some of the unique contents included in the update below.


Fu Shuu Fun Adventure


Azur Lane Lunar New Year 2021

The Happy Lunar New Year event went live on February 4 and ended on February 18, 2021. Players are tasked to clear missions to earn points that they can use to acquire the “Spring Festival Invitation.” Using this item, players can claim one of the following characters: Taihou, Enterprise, Belfast, Ping Hai, or Ning Hai.

The Spring Festival Special Training event is also active during this event and sortie. Players are required to reach milestones to earn sweet rewards that include the limited character U0410.

The Fu Shun’s Great Adventure II was also part of the celebration. Fu Shun’s Great Adventure II features a new stage every day. The best part of this event is that winning seven steps will earn you sweet rewards, which include limited character Fu Shun and Red Envelope.

The celebration also features a Drawing Book that will shower the player with rewards, including An Shan and Red Envelope’s limited character upon completion.

Rental Outfit Vouchers also went live during the celebration. Players need to Log-in anytime during the festival to get ahold of 2 Rental Outfit Vouchers. The vouchers are applicable for the following skins: Cheshire – Cait Sith Crooner (L2D), Bremerton – Kung Fu Cruiser (L2D), Chao Ho – Blossoming Grace.


Azur Lane Manjuu Resort


Azur Lane Limited Time Events

The Ying Swei’s Spring Travels event allows the player to play a mini-game to access rewards that include the little outfit “Snowy Pine’s Warmth” and red envelope.

The Manju Resort event allows players to play Fu Shun’s Great Adventure II, Drawing Book, and Ying Swei’s Spring Travels. That’s all to get red envelopes after the main celebration expires.
In addition to the various events, Azur Lane also received new characters during the celebration. Check out the names below for more details.

Available for a limited-time between 2/4 – 2/18, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7)

Ying Swei (Rate up in light construction pool)
Chao Ho (Rate up in soft construction pool)
Penelope (Rate up in soft construction pool)

Participating in Spring Festival Special Training mini-event for a limited-time between 2/4 – 2/18, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7) also gave players access to U-410.

Other contents included in the Chinese Lunar New Update are six characters (Dido, Biloxi, Gloucester, Mullany, Kimberly, and Halsey Powell) who permanently added to the Light Construction Pool. Besides, Re-Run skins, New Oath Skin for Avrora called Garb of Eternal Prosperity, and a new Spring Festival gets also featured in the 2021 Gear Skin Box. Lunar New Year-themed items and furniture also made it into the game.

February 14, 2021 Update and Events

Azur Lane’s Valentine’s Day update featured the Manjuu Manufactory, a limited-time event that ran from February 14 to February 24, 2021. This event is similar to Fu Shun’s Great Adventure II that features a new stage every day. Completion of seven steps will reward players with the limited Choco Manjuu furniture.

The event also brought new skins for Ajax (Valentine’s Reward?), Princeton (Lollipop Paradise), and Nicholas (After School Promise). Re-run skins for Columbia (After-School Odette), Ardent (Ardent Valentine), and Nagatsuki (Dangerous Kitty Maid?) were also available during the event.


azur lane update


Azur Lane February 19, 2021 Content Update

The latest update drop for Azur Lane kickstarts the limited-time event called Call To Arms Northern Parliament Phase I. This event will take place from February 19 to February 24, 2021. Characters Avrora, Sheffield, Saratoga, and Hornet will gain bonus experience points during sorties. You can also use the points earned by the characters to obtain training points for the second phase.

Besides the Blueprint Completion Plan – Saint Louis, a Limited Time Event runs from February 19 to March 18, 2021. This event will allow players to obtain extra blueprints for Saint Louis after each research at a maximum of 30. Do take note that the limited-time bonus is separate from the 300 caps permanent bonus.

A CV character update for Vincenzo Gioberti – Yoshioka Misaki and CV skin updates for various characters (Ajax – Valentine’s Reward? – Tomoyo Chuujou, Princeton – Lollipop Paradise – Shiomi Yukina, Nicholas – After-School Promise – M A O, Nicholas – Summer Cleaning “Volunteer” – M A O, Odin – Black Strikes Upon Blank Snow – Matsuoka Yuki, Glorious – Glorious School Life – Shitaya Noriko, Champagne – Lapis Lazuli’s First Dream – Lynn, and Ikazuchi – Dawn’s Thunder – Kazusa Aranami) are also part of the update.

Dominate the Seas Once Again

With all the new features available, it is time for you to jump back into the battlefield! The many updates and the various events that took place and currently taking place in Azur Lane indicate that 2021 will be a massive year for the game.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to download and install this explosive naval-warfare-themed game today on your PC.