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Azur Lane: How To Properly Spend Gems In The Game

Azur Lane Gems

Just like most mobile games, Azur Lane offers 2 in-game currencies for players to use, Coins and Diamonds or Gems. Coins are the more common currency, while the Gems are the premium ones. What this means is that it is much harder to acquire Gems than Coins. Both can be earned by completing Tasks and Expeditions. Coins are generated after a set amount of time on the Canteen, so you will always get a good chunk of them.

You can also purchase them in Akashi’s Shop using Gems. Gems can also be purchased in the shop, but using real money. So unless you are willing to spend money on this game, you will have to use your Gems wisely. So what are the best ways to spend your precious Gems? Let’s discuss this in this article.

The 4 Best Things You Can Use Your Gems On

There are many different things that you can use your Gems on, like speeding up constructions, purchasing other resources on the Shop, and many more. But since acquiring them is very hard, it’s important that you spend them wisely. Below are 5 of the best things that you can spend your Gems on in Azur Lane:



Azur Lane Dorm Slots

One of the best things that you can use your Gems on is purchasing Dorm Slots. You use the Dorms in Azur Lane to allow ships to gain experience passively. The problem is that you will start with only 2 slots available. You will need to purchase extra slots using Gems, which costs 300 Gems. You can increase the Dorm Slot up to 5, which means you will need 900 Gems to maximize your Dorm Slots and be able to place more ships to earn experience passively.

Dock Expansion

Another thing that you can use your Gems on is to expand the dock capacity to allow you to have more ships. You will start the game with 150 slots available in your Dock. That’s a lot, but you will quickly fill that up as you progress further in the game, so expanding is important to be able to store more ships. It costs 200 Gems to add 10 slots to your Dock Capacity.

Azur Lane Gems Purchasing


Azur Lane Promise Ring

This is another item that you can purchase with your Gems. You offer these rings to your ships to marry them once they reach 100 affection. By doing this, you increase their affection cap to 200, which will allow you to gain more affection for the ship, thus also increasing their stats and making them stronger in the process. A Promise Ring will cost 600 Gems.

Academy Slot

You can also use your Gems to open the third slot in the Academy’s Tactical Class. This Class will allow you to level up the skills of your ship, but only 2 slots are available in the beginning. You can open the third slot by spending 500 Gems. Or you can also purchase skins with your Gems if you want your ship to have a different appearance. But keep in mind that skins don’t provide improvements on stats or additional skills. They just make your ship have a different appearance.

Lastly, you can use your Gems to replenish the oil, purchase Wisdom Cube, Coins, and other items or upgrades. The ones mentioned above, though, are the best things that you can use your Gems on since you cannot purchase or get them via other methods. All of the others, except for skins, can be acquired by other means.