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Azur Lane: New Features & Ships That You Need to Know

As of January 21, 2021, Yostar’s hit gacha game Azur Lane has received numerous significant changes in the game. With a new auto-farm system, an unexpected Operation, and a rerun of the Empyreal Tragicomedy event featuring the ladies of the Sardegna Empire, Azur Lane has gotten better than ever before. It’s not the first time they had a major overhaul of the game. However, the new improved features will surely make farming on certain spots like 3-4 and 10-4 a whole lot easier. Let’s check out the new stuff they added.

Event Rerun Plus New Ships

Last year’s Empyeral Tragicomedy introduced the Sardegna Empire, an Italian faction that sides with the Iron Blood. The event is based on the actual naval battles within the European waters where Britain and Italy had a bloody war from 1942 to 1943. You also get to play on both sides during the event.

Along with the rerun, the game returns the banner of the Sardegna girls such as Zara, Littorio, and Trento. It also introduces 3 new girls: Giulio Cesare, Vincenzo Gioberti, and Pola. Vincenzo and Giulio are a 2.5% chance, while Pola is 2% along with Zara. Meanwhile, Formidable has a 1.5% chance, while Littorio is under 0.5% (because Littorio can be bought using the event coins for 8000). Do make sure to spend your cubes wisely though.


Azur Lane Operation Siren


Operation Siren

Operation Siren was already introduced last December, but we thought we should cover it here. Siren is a new kind of gameplay in Azur Lane. If the main campaign is made of linear routines, Operation Siren is a hunting ground type that borrows heavily from the likes of World of Warships and Kantai Collection.

It is currently a bit buggy though, but Manjuu has promised to bring in a major fix for the game mode.

Basically, you get to customize two fleets before letting them explore the wide map. Think of it as a semi-open world mode where you are out in the sea, exploring for any signs of Sirens. Every time you do battle with them, you will need to spend gas. And, unlike the normal campaigns where you can just reset your fleet’s fuel consumption once the boss is sunk, you will need to return to the base on the map. Here, you can do repairs, swap to other ships, or add bonuses to the individual ships.

As we said before, it is exactly like Kancolle’s gameplay but more elaborated and livelier.

Auto-Farm System

No, we are not talking about the auto-play per battle. We’re referring to a new feature where once you start a world, everything is on autopilot. Pretty easy, right? As long as the world is cleared with 3 stars, you can just deploy your two fleets, and the game will automatically farm throughout the map until the boss is dead. It only becomes manual again after clearing the map, allowing you to repeat the stage or do other things instead.

This makes farming well known “hell” stages in the game like 3-4 much easier and more convenient for everybody. Now you can do other works while the game is on autopilot as you keep on repeating the hell stage until you get that SSR or SR ship you always wanted.

Rejoice, Akagi and Kaga farmers.


Azur Lane Gameplay


How is Azur Lane Doing These Days

Despite the huge spike of newer gacha games like Arknights and Genshin Impact, Azur Lane remains strong as one of Asia’s most-played gacha RPGs, especially in China and Japan.

The game is kept alive and active thanks to its highly participating community, which always show their love for Azur Lane. That includes cosplays, conventions, fan arts aplenty, and the occasional doujinshi in certain websites. Best of all, the developer, Manjuu, rides along with the community. Manjuu knows its community well, and they keep on building up that strong foundation with its fans.

Their new slice of life anime is receiving raving reviews too.

Future Events & Collaborations

Expect some fancy new stuff rolling in this February because the game will have something waifu-related for you. It won’t be a surprise if AL will announce new priority ships this time, along with a sequel to their events from last year, especially the limited-time idol events.

As for collaborations, a lot of players are still demanding a batch 2 of the Hololive event, especially now that Hololive has more girls in its roster (it’s a Vtuber company, by the way). Some are also asking for a Touhou collaboration since Touhou will release a new gacha this year. That would make sense though since both games bear some similarities from one another.

Will there be reruns of past collaborations like Neptunia and Kizuna Ai? We won’t know for sure since Yostar has kept quiet about it. Hopefully, they do since some of our staff members here are still crying for not having all the Neptunia and Hololive ships yet.

If you want to check out the new features waiting for you in this game, make sure to download Azur Lane on PC. You can check out how to download the game on PC here at our playing guide.