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Azur Lane – Why Bullet Hell Fans Should Play It

Azur Lane Bullet Hell

When someone hears the game Azur Lane, one of the very first things that will come to their minds is the waifus. Yes, Azur Lane does contain one of the best waifus in anime game existence. This matter is proven along with some very immersive relationship systems. Still, a lot of people oversee another aspect of the game as to why it’s right: the bullet-hell gameplay.

If you haven’t known by now, Azur Lane is a lite bullet hell game with a mix of strategic movements and some micromanagement. Looking beyond the fan service, Azur Lane has more active gameplay compared to many other gacha games. If you are looking for a decent bullet hell game, you might want to try out Azur Lane. We’ll give you some reasons why you should play it.

Azur Lane Playing on PC

A Passive-Active Shooting Mechanic

When we say passive-active, we refer to the game’s bullet hell mode when you are in manual control. Yes, you can control the Vanguard Fleet (the frontline ships) and make them move around, but the shooting is automatic. The rate of fire and reload speed will depend entirely on the ship’s stats as well as the tiered weapons equipped on her.

However, the active shooting part comes in the Main Fleet (the backline ships) as well as the Vanguard’s torpedoes. You get to activate the plane deployment of carriers, and aim at the enemy and bombard them for the battleships. Torpedoes are also manually deployed when it is an available skill.

It does take some skill to use them properly because you will need to have the right position, the correct timing and the right moment when to use them. You don’t just spam them because it takes time for their weapons to reload.

A Meta To Follow in Azur Lane

We invest in whoever is the cutest waifu (shout-out to Helena and Yashiro). Still, those who take the game too seriously can prove that there is a meta that you should follow. While all ships are best ships (come on, you got to give love to all of them equally), some stand out more than others. For example, Enterprise is a must-have if you want to clear out mob fleets quickly thanks to her active skill.

Azur Lane Attacks Battle

Another is having Amagi, Nagato, Nelson, or Hood in your Main Fleet thanks to their amazing but RNG-dependent barrage skills which can obliterate a boss’ health in just a few seconds. Suppose you want a great Vanguard Fleet with strong evasive skills with powerful torpedoes. In that case, you’d like to have Ayanami or Laffey as the team leader. This point makes trial and error fun in the game and, if paired with the proper equipment, will have you jump for joy as your strategy pays off.

Challenging Stages to Overcome

Arguably, Azur Lane has one of the most challenging main story stages compared to many other gacha games. You might think you’re breezing through Worlds 1 to 4. Still, as soon as you hit World 5, that is when you start realizing that the meta suddenly becomes real.

With this idea, you will need to invest in the right ships with the appropriate weapons. Suppose you do manage to make the best out of what the community consider as the weakest ships in the game become the carrier of your main story progress. In that case, you are a god among Commanders.

Interesting Events in Azur Lane

Every month, Azur Lane conducts events – much like any other gacha RPGs. These events usually sport new factions like Italy, France, Russia, and China. Not only do they have minimal edition ships, but they are also considered jewels. There are also a consistent number of additional ships for the Eagle Union, Royal Fleet, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood factions too.

Azur Lane Dialog Game

On special occasions, they also do collaborations with famous shows and other games like Neptunia, Kizuna Ai, Hololive, and, most recently, Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation. While these collaboration ships may just be novelties, they are a one-time deal which is great for your collection. Show your friends how much of a simp you are in this game.

Generous Gacha Pulls

A lot of players will agree that Azur Lane is one of the best when it comes to gacha rates. Regular SSR ships have a reasonable 7% up rate. In comparison, those in limited editions have at least 2% (which is still a better option than a flat 1%). The seldom UR (Ultra Rare) comes at 0.5% for reasonable numbers. Not only are the gacha numbers right, but the game spoils you with cubes as well (the resource used for pulling ships).

Azur Lane is entirely free to play games with no essence of pay to win (unless you go to the PVP). If you’re still wondering how to play it, click in How to Play Azur Lane: Unique & Amazing Game Features. Guns, girls, and gacha–Azur Lane does what many gacha games should be doing. It is rewarding players for their loyalty and passion.