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Azure Lane PC: The Latest Game Update Overview

Azur Lane New Update

The iconic side-scroller RPG/shoot-‘em-up game Azur Lane recently got a huge content drop from its developer. This point brings fresh new content and events for the match. For those new to the game, Azur Lane is a free-to-play RPG title developed by Shanghai Manjuu, Xiamen Yongshi, and published by Bilibili.

The game was first launched in China and Japan, with the rest of the world getting a hold of the game a year later. Since its inception, Azur Lane managed to accumulate millions of downloads with an average overall rating of 4.56/5.


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Azur Lane combines the exciting mechanics of an RPG and the modest gameplay structure of a shoot-‘em-up game. Embedded within its core is a well-written narrative that comes with a memorable cast of characters. In addition to the classical mechanics are unique elements like marriage, dormitories, and sea warfare that serve as the main battle element of the game.

With that said, as much as we want to discuss the other gameplay features and mechanics of the game, you can find that in the features tab on this page. For now, we are going to take a quick dive into the contents of the major updates.

Azur Lane December 29th Update Patch Notes

If you have been playing this for a while now, looking through the game updates will excite you. To discover more about it, see all the patch notes below.

Azur Lane New Contents

The game introduces an update with a limited-time event called “Inverted Orthant. This event will begin on December 29th up to January 13th, 2021, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). During this episode, You can play the event SP stages to collect PT to earn special rewards

It is also a sortie to event stages to earn PT. You can exchange them for unique rewards, which includes a limited character called U-37 Submarine (SS) (super rare item). Besides, collecting PT to obtain the Elite Z24 Destroyer (DD) together with other in-game resources is also available.

Characters Featured in the Event

  • The Super Rare Prinz Heinrich Heavy cruiser (CA) with a 2% Limited Construction will be available at this event
  • The Super Rare Peter Strasser Aircraft carrier (CV) with a 2% Limited Construction can also be found during this period.
  • The Elite Weser Light aircraft carrier (CVL) with a 2.5% Limited Construction will be available in this event
  • The Elite Z24 Destroyer (DD) will be available as a Point Accumulation Reward
  • This update will also initiate the New Year Food Festival, which is another limited-time event. The period for this part will range From December 29th to January 13th, 2021, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7):. As this happens, you need to Collect a total of 7 Gourmet Passes for you to acquire the limited character Elite Z28 Destroyer (DD).

The Manju Snowdown Limited-Time Event is also part of this update, which will run from December 29th to January 13th, 2021, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7). In this phase, a single match will be available every day. You must play seven games to acquire Harutsuki’s limited outfit, A Dance for the Coming Spring.

On a side note, Azur Lane’s Blessings and New Year’s Invitations Event will happen from December 29th to January 13th, 2021, 11:59 P.M. (UTC-7): During this time, remember to ring the New Year bell during this event to get a New Year’s Wish. You then need to collect seven wishes to acquire the limited New Year’s Invitation item. Also, exchanging the previous item in the depot for a limited character is possible in this event. Feel free to choose from the following characters: Warspite, Atago, Illustrious, Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Hood, or Montpelier.

The developers have made few more updates to Azur Lane. These improvements include new limited-time skins and system optimization for a better game experience. Moving forward, new game content also came out for players to have a more interactive game experience. See all the following details below!


Azur Lane Map

Azur Lane December 22nd Update PatchNotes

Below are the new contents included in the update;

A new combat area independent of the main story and events called Operation Siren is now available in the game. This combat area will feature a diverse set of zones that a commander can explore. Only level 60 commanders can enter this new area.

  • Any commander who attempts to enter any of the zones need to spend Action Points (AP)
  • All of the Materials acquired in Operation Siren are spendable in the Gear Lab.
  • The zones in each of the combat areas come with their unique corrosion levels. The higher the corrosion level, the tougher the enemies, and the better the rewards.
  • Each commander will have the ability to receive missions, purchase supplies, and manage fleets at Ports in Operation Siren.

Completing missions and accumulating exploration points in Exploration Progress will allow you to unlock more rewards. Now that you are updated with the current Azur Lane version, it’s time for you to jump back into the battlefield. Even better is that you can now install this excellent naval combat RPG on PC. Or, if you haven’t experienced playing the game, then why not take a look at this how to play guide for a fun adventure?