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Azur Lane – Why You Should be Excited About Azur Lane Slow Ahead!

Azur Lane Slow Update

Azur Lane has been going at it with both the weeaboo and gacha crowds. With its heavily fan serviced game but with surprisingly generous gacha and oddly satisfying gameplay, Azur Lane has been racking up enough profit from filthy anime fans and its whales to have its second anime show.

Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! (Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!) is based on the 4koma series posted by the game’s official social media page, following the miscellaneous slice of life stories of the game’s poster girls Laffey, Javelin, Z23, and Ayanami. The show will start airing in Japan around January 2021.


Azur Lane Chapter 1

Why You Should Be Excited

The manga series, Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!, is one of the funniest (with some tongue in cheek fan service) 4-koma made for an official video game. It’s also well written and superbly drawn too. Plus, much like the game, it is free. You can find all of the series on either their Facebook or Twitter page, along with their in-game announcements too.

It serves as a spin-off to the Azur Lane chronicles’ darker tone and is a refreshing atmosphere for the fans that follow the lore. You will not find any heavy conflicts between the four factions. The story here implies that everybody is under the same command of Shikikan – the Commander of the Azur Lane fleet.

The characters are also voiced by some of anime’s most famous voice actresses, including Mana Naganawa, Mai Nakahara, and Ai Kayano. Anime fans will quickly recognize who’s who when the show comes up. Most of all, the animation is much smoother and more pleasing to the eyes than its first anime adaptation in 2019. It seems like Yostar – the developer of the game – has more funds for this project than what they delivered back in 2019.

There are no other confirmed ship girls yet other than the four starters but don’t get surprised if you’ll find many of the crowd favorites like Prinz Eugen, Enterprise, Atago, Takao, Akagi, Kaga, Shoukakou, Zuikaku, Mikasa, Taihou, Belfast, Queen Elizabeth, and Warspite.

Not the First Azur Lane Anime

Azur Lane did have an anime show, which started in late 2019. However, while it made its fans happy for merely existing, it felt underwhelming in many parts due to lack of budget. The story felt rushed, too, as the chronicles of every faction were all over the place.

Many of the plots did not even make sense, nor did it follow what was written in the game. With that thought, many viewers became confused of the situation. Again, the animation was lacking: small frames, minimal detail for distant characters, and the slow descent of its production after the surprisingly powerful episode 1. It was so bad; the show had to halt midway in November 2019 and announced that they would resume the play in March 2020. Plus, they will also continue some revised animation for the previous episodes.

Fortunately, when the last few episodes rolled in March, the show went from bad to pretty decent. The story was still confusing, but at least the production of the show felt very polished. Also, the previous episodes finally looked better than what they initially were. As for the English dub, there is no saving grace for that.


Azur Lane Chapter 2

The Continuation of the Game

Azur Lane is still going strong in its video game. As of this writing, the global servers just finished the Azur Lane x Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation event. The event received a very positive reception. It provided tons of replay value and even the inclusion of DoAX’s beach volleyball game mode but in a 2D chibi way.

The developers have also made some changes to clearing event stages too after listening to its long-time players. There is now only one world to clear in an event, making farming easier for its players. However, the prices for its gems and the acquisition of cubes remain the same. It will also be soon before long until Yostar announces the next batch of Priority Ships for 2021. Will we find a new collaboration again for that year? We’ll see soon enough. Here’s to hoping for a second collaboration with Hololive.

Even if, after some issues with the company and China (since Yostar is based there), it may just be a pipe dream at this point. Still not familiar with how to play Azur Lane? Read some guides for better understanding and gameplay experience. Play Azur Lane on your PC today for free.